I wanted to write an article on talking, speech and conversations between strangers who had no prior knowledge of the others existence, yet met and hit it off, talking, laughing and getting close. That was my intent: but as it turns out, I stumbled on a blog that has got me thinking, inspiring me to no end, and so as a catharsis, I’m releasing pent up energy here.


What started as a research for the empowerment of men to understand women and get the boldness required to strike up conversations led me to this, hope you’ll find it interesting as well as intriguing.


After much research, ideas were forming in my head on how to write the article and what it’s content should detail, but this couldn’t wait, so I guess I’ll have to hold the charge for boys talking freely to their feminine counterparts… for now.


I got a bit of wisdom that not only hard-work, but also a character trait known as obsession helps to achieve success, and I had to pause and think, not because I didn’t agree with the declaration, it was due to the fact that I nodded unconsciously when I read it that made me think. somewhere deep down, I knew that assertion was correct, so I paused to see why…


If you’ve ever played video games, especially the adventure ones, you will know just how addictive those games are. Growing up with Super Mario World and other editions of Mario and his friend Luigi on a mission to save the princess buttressed the fact for me. Even in my sleep, I dreamt of how to defeat Bowser, how to storm the castle and save the princess and liberate the queen. Long story short, I was obsessed with the game. And as a player, I was a champ in my area, too bad there were no competitions for playing organized, woulda cleaned trophies out.


That was light-years ago, recently got a sony psp and played ‘GOD OF WAR’ both editions and finished the games playing all levels from easy to very hard and opening up hidden treasures in the game. it wasn’t however due to the fact that I’m a very intelligent person, nope. I was just basically obsessed with the game so much so that everything that was against it was blocked out. My focus on achieving success in the game more than 100%, even when the battery had died I was anticipating my next obstacles and moves. So, I excelled again.


I remembered back in school, we referred to some guys as ‘efiwes’ (bookworms) that’s a very apt description, as such people in the US are called geeks, too focused on their books to have a life outside it. they were so obsessed, they were outcasts practically because they didn’t mix well, except with people who were versed in gibberish they spoke. They mostly come out tops of their respective classes.


If you have seen the movies ‘devil wears prada‘, ‘Godfather trilogy’, ‘the American Gangster‘ and more recently, ‘margin call‘ you’ll notice that the leading characters in all these movies had one thing in common, an obsession to be best and first. I’d recommend margin call if you’ve not seen it, lots to learn about corporate decision making progress…

In dating, the guys who stuck with the same girl, forsaking all others even in the midst of plentiful distractions eventually got their babe. Irrespective of what the girl had put them through initially, they were the ones who laughed last as they got their prize for dedication and grit.


So having read through that blog and thought about it, I completely agree that the mediocre man who is ready to shed mediocrity and work hard, emptying all of himself into a project no holds barred will more often than not be called a genius at the end of that project, because he would have achieved the type of success even he was not thinking of.


As life continues, and stages are passed, this bit of wisdom is true and constant: the man who wants it the most always gets it… so as you chase success in all thy doing, understand this, if you do not carry it with you everywhere, see it in all you do, interact with it even in the company of friends, you still have yet to start…


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