Sir Alex Ferguson

Still on football managers and relationships.

Comes highly recommended, your friends know him/her personally and can vouch for the person’s strength of character and all. A life partner, you should on no account end your relationship with them. They’re slow starters who come across as clueless as the relationship grows. Give them time, and you’ll wonder if there’s a better man/woman out there.

Cerebral and attentive, they hate spontaneity and do not involve in romance, too many things to do serenading you is the least of their problems.

Fergusons do not die easy, their stubbornness yielding their desired results. They will cause you panic, make you cry to no end and just when you have all but given-up on them, they come through smiling and grinning from ear to ear, your heart thaws and you fall in love all over again.

Uptight, rigid and unfancy, getting into a relation with a ferguson mean drabness and routine! The spectacular is thrown aside for safety and continuance. Fergusons look out for themselves and by extension you. Everybody else can well…

These personas are best for people who hate drama in relationships, there won’t be any, just good ole fights! There will be no butterflies and all that mushy crap lovers like to talk about, so when entering into the relationship, you best know what you are getting into. And if you are already in, well, hang in there, it’s a rock steady relationship.


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