I woke up with a start. Somehow, I knew it was one of those days when I had overslept. I checked my phone to see the time and my fear was confirmed, it was past 6am in the morning and I was just rousing. Thank God it’s my CDS day I thought but I was the architect of this unfortunate event having slept late the previous night enjoying Ian Somerhalder’s performance as Damon Salvatore in vampire diaries. I’m loving the guy every time I see the series! πŸ˜‰

Anyways, I got to doing my domestics chores in earnest. Cooking, laundry, sweeping and all round cleaning of the apartment. Sometimes, I think what I really need is a wife to do all the chores whilst I see a movie or get lost in a soap opera. πŸ™‚ The chores took some time, but I was done before 8.30am. Then I had to do personal hygiene and bath. It was a packed morning.

By the time I was done with the house, I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. That, I could not do because I had CDS things at the orientation camp and lots of friends to see at the place. I got into my nysc clothes and hit the streets. The exhaustion would just have to wait, I told myself.

I took a bus to Ojuelegba, then another to Iyana Ipaja and hopped a bike that dropped me in front of the NYSC Camp. I had arrived, and the time was just 11am, a full hour after I was supposed to get there. Afraid of been sanctioned by Mrs Madaki – my Editorial CDS coordinator – I went to the OBS room to see if the meeting had commenced or if we had stories to read and edit.

I saw members of the group chilling in front of the camp director’s office waiting for our coordinator and I happily took my leave. I made calls and friends and brothers showed up. First Roland Akpe who writes at bloodywrits.blogspot.com we had a pertinent discussion to settle and whilst still conversing, I saw Kaybee.

The toga and the decorum of old/senior corper was cast aside as I hailed a former schoolmate and friend enthusiastically. We chit chatted as I completed my conversation with Roland. Then I saw Lara, she had been a coursemate during ddp at OOU, she left for UNAAB after the admission racket frustrated her. I also saw pips from my department at school and grew popular after less than an hour my head was swelling! :d

Then I saw her, Mokut a member of my church was also present on camp. She was standing at the back talking with friends as lectures about traditional day was been rounded off. I was speechless for a minute, she always had that effect on me, having massively crushed on her for the last five years and just getting over her when she realized I was alive last year, I stood there and took in her beauty. The geh fine, nor be my fault. :p

Went back to the OBS room and my pips were just hanging out gisting, I didn’t think doing that would be fun cause I still had loads of fresh corpers to meet, and I was searching for a hapless Otondo Corper to razzle. So I went to Kaybee again. By this time, the lectures had concluded and tables were been set up for the corpers transport allowance–the first pay corpers get whilst on camp.

We joked, laughed, caught up on old and new events and discussed about life generally. I sat with him – under the sun – as he queued for his own alawi. Occasionally I went to the OBS to check on my group and see if our meet had commenced. The situation remained the same, so I always went back to the parade ground to chill.

Around 1.30pm my group members decided they had waited enough and called time on the meeting. CD cards were handed back to respective owners as we turned the room we had occupied back to it’s original users, the fresh corpers. As the other members left the camp, I stayed behind and continued chatting.

At 3pm, it dawned on me that the camp corpers would not be getting stuck in the Lagos traffic, so I bid them goodbye and wished them the very best of luck, promising to visit soon, for like kids, they didn’t want me to go. I left the camp gate utterly wasted and tired, took a bike to the bus stop and was actually day dreaming about sleep. Then at the bus stop, where I was to join a bus to Yaba, I ran into an old acquaintance, and the adventure I underwent thence is best left unsaid… till the next corper life post comes along, be cool… πŸ™‚

OBS: Orientation Broadcast Service
CDS: Community Development Service


2 thoughts on “NYSC ORIENTATION CAMP HOMECOMING (My first Visit)

  1. Pls what is the editorial cds group all about? Is it stressful? I will really appreciate your immediate response because I am considering joining this group. Thank you.

    • It’s not that stressful o, you get to do journalistic writes concerning NYSC things. Most of the time, you get to just sit at the NYSC Secretariat at Surulere. So if you stay far, you may want to reconsider. otherwise, it’s a wonderful CDS group enjoy. And I hope to see you there when I come. read my contact page and send me an email at daireenonline@yahoo.com

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