Like Zombies Walking

Woke up with a start this morning. Something just didn’t feel right and my body told me I was in trouble as soon as I roused. Unsure I checked my phone and the time read 6:08am I almost fainted. I had woken a full hour late! I didn’t bother checking my alarm clock to see why it didn’t go off and wake me as previously set.

Ran into the bathroom to clean up my act and do the morning needful. Once through, I rushed back into the room doing a dash job of body lotion application and getting into my office clothes. Thank God I had already laid those out last night. I was wearing my shoes when I spied my alarm clock on the floor lying face-down. I managed a rueful smile as it dawned on me that the alarm clock had done its job and was lying on the floor for that reason.

As I was dashing out of the house I couldn’t help remembering how oftentimes I had threatened to do away with my alarm as it rang on cue. Unfortunately, my subconscious had taken that directive and executed it. To say I was furious with myself is an understatement.

At the bus stop, the sky was clearing up, the first rays of the sun escaping through the clouds. People (like me) had gathered waiting for buses that had become scarce commodities having gone on their first trips to the island. My recurring thought was of the query I was sure to receive on getting to work late. Mentally, I was knocking and kicking myself for enjoying sleep so much.

A common slang popped in my head ‘body no be firewood’, I dismissed it immediately rationalization will do me no good. What I needed was a bus to convey me to the island. The time was 6:30am and I was already restless.

Finally ten minutes later, a bus came-calling cms, like Jet Lee, Jackie Chan and Bruce Willis I became an action hero. Fighting ducking and fending off attacks as I struggled for a seat in the bus. I sighed deeply as I arranged well in bus as I allowed others sit beside me. Our journey commenced in earnest and I started breathing easily but respite was short-lived as we soon got caught in traffic. My apprehension returned and I could feel grey hairs growing. Chai! When will I get to work today I groaned.

Forty minutes later, we were at cms. Part one of the journey over, two was about commencing, that is always the unpalatable part of the journey I felt like crying. If only, I berated myself as I dragged my feet and rushed for the second bus that would take me to the island and work. I sat with humility and trepidation in the bus as we joined the static traffic from cms to bonny camp, then there is always the mad rush at Silverbird Cinemas that blocks access to Adeola Odeku.

I finally arrive at work at 8:20am walking on eggshells. My boss noticed me, cracked a smile and asked. ‘Derin, why are you walking like a zombie?’ Obviously, he was in a good mood and had already overlooked my late-coming. I was relieved. Still I couldn’t get past my boss’ apt remark as I took my seat, starting my workstation.

Fela’s award winning song Zombie played in part in my head and a sudden realization dawned on me. As a low/entry level staff in corporate Nigeria battling to grow in your desired career choice/path. Like a zombie walking, your days are ordered after the wiles of the organization you are lucky to work for.

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