Dreams Come True

‘Joba made a first class grade in Law school mehn!’ Jayj declared and I was stunned. I managed a wimp as my surprise clearly showed. He smiled knowingly and assured me our mutual friend had indeed achieved that feat after failing at our alma mater to make the almighty second class upper grade by the minutest of fractions, I was overjoyed.

I remember reading his note on facebook after the release of his final result and gpa. I’m still getting goose bumps. And having reread that poem again; couldn’t help but wonder if he knew then that such a feat awaited just in the next act for he wrote: ‘Take my dreams, I’ll go back to sleep
And dream some more, and these will keep
Take my schemes, but leave my wits
My new plans will make you slit your wrists
Take my A’s, but leave my brain,
I’ll make them elsewhere, to much greater acclaim’ (Full text on fb under Joba Akinola’s notes-I still shall Rise)

So, when Jayj gave me the news and said that Joba and another ex-OOUite had made first class in the Law School winning National recognition and awards for their troubles, I couldn’t help but be ambivalent for dear OSU! Ambivalent because the news that of fourteen students that made firsts nationwide, OOU had two representatives is enough to make anyone from the school proud, and to inspire upcoming students, that anything is possible if they’ll just remain dedicated and diligent.

On the flip side, it’s terribly sad that the school could callously treat it’s best students with disdain like we’re not really that cerebral to appreciate the intricacies of academics. Joba had this to say in his poem on that: ‘Take away the class, make .01 scarce,
I’ll show you, dear, that this is all a farce
Feed me with sorrow, I’ll take a drink,
That’ll flush it down the urethra, or into the sink…’ And so one wonders, are OOUites past and present really intellectually lazy, or are our lecturers just sadistically inclined? Well, too many success stories of alumni who have found relevance in society annuls the former.

As a fresh crop of graduates leave the school – for orientation camps in all the states of the federation – most battered and dejected about the grade level they left the school with, here’s a sage counsel: take heart and know, success is never measured in university grades. Excellence is a reflection of your diligence and hardwork, it always finds expression. Like Aaliyah suggested in her platinum winning song, try again: ‘if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself up and try again. You can dust it off and try again. Try again…’

So no matter what odds are stacked up against you; no matter how hard the battles may seem to have gotten; no matter how many losses are written against your name. Remember, it is the living that can dream and hope, and achieve greatness. Death comes to us not when we breathe our last but when we throw in the towel and stop fighting. For in the race that is set before us, – whether we like it or not – life will fight against us, employing both legal and illegal means, and it is our responsibility to stand firm and fight back overcoming the world because more than conquerors are we, and bringing the father (GOD) pride.

I therefore state here that this is not a vitriolic discuss to diss the lecturers of OOU (though Lord knows they deserve what they get). Neither is it permission for failure-there’s a sweetness in success that’s very desirable. It however is a writ for those who are not satisfied with their achievements and know in their hearts they were built for more. I say, reach out! The world awaits you. And your dreams will come true, only believe, and keep the hope alive.

PS: Remember Jesus Christ arose, Joseph got out of prison. Jabez and Obed Edom became wealthy. You too can arise out of the ashes, just believe in God and be steadfast.
‘Yet, take all I have, but leave my life,
For though I may fall, I still shall rise!’

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