As Nations Go To War

‘And Nations shall rise up against nations…’ Those were the famous declarations of the greatest man that ever lived, Jesus Christ. Although he uttered these words as the signs of the events that would herald the end of the world. It is no news that wars abound aplenty amongst nations today. But that is hardly the intent of this write-up.

As all the football leagues across Europe and the world go on break this weekend, allowing for hostilities betweens nations who are playing either for friendly reasons, or to qualify for a FIFA approved tournament, be very sure that when the whistles go for kick-off, friendliness will cease and a war of nations will begin.

In Wembley Stadium London, England play host to European and World champions Spain in the biggest fixture of the weekend. By the time ninety minutes are over in London, enemies would have been made anew, as millions of hearts will be broken as their team is vanquished, I make bold to say that Spain will emerge victors in the contest between the two nations, the match needs to be played though.

Portugal navigate the tricky waters of play-offs for the Euro 2012 competition drawing away at Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now they must win at home when they play the reverse fixture to qualify, otherwise, like Nigeria, the head coach may be made the sacrificial lamb. Turkey lost at home to Croatia going down to goals from I Olic, M Mandzukic and V Corluka. Their qualification all but guaranteed they only need a draw in the reverse fixture. Czech Republic did battle against Montenegro and came out tops with goals from V Pilar and T Sivok all but sealing qualification for next years showpiece football event, as Estonia lost humbly to the Republic of Ireland, guaranteeing that the men in green will be at the tournament come 2012.

Argentina could only muster a draw against Bolivia at the Maracana Stadium as they lose more ground in their qualification for the 2014 world cup race. They will need to become more ruthless in front of goal and start winning games as they come to make it. Uruguay beat Chile four nil with L Suarez scoring all the goals. Colombia stood against Venezuela whilst Paraguay traded tackles with Ecuador. All in the bid to gain qualification for the biggest footballing event in 2014.

As all over the world teams go against each other with beloved Naija squaring up against two teams in Nigeria to give new Head Coach Steven Keshi a look of the players he will have to work with as coach of the National team, one can’t but wonder what if the world’s battles were fought on the field of play, the ammunition substituted for powerful shots from players feet. The vanquished accepting defeat in good faith, and the winner celebrating with reckless abandon, wouldn’t that be something? :d

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