Strife For Excellence

Achievements have always been big with me. As a first impression’s person, I always strive for perfection in all that I do. Dreaming tall ambitions yet lazily striding greatness to achieve. Success however defines its own route, excellence most times an elusive dream. Still the quest to achieve we daily undertake, facing challenges that leave us humble. Our eyes on the gold remains, or so it should be.

I have had reasons to think about and question, some of the events that have shaped our world. What if Eve, had said no, refusing to eat the apple? What if that precious apple never fell on Newton’s head would he have discovered gravity? What if Steve Jobs had been born a Nigerian, would the world know his name and weep his demise, or would he be another victim of the circumstances inhibiting Nigerian4? what if? Seeing as I can ask rhetorical questions all day and still not influence the world one bit. I have moved on to better things. Instead of questioning the past, I made up my mind to be involved in the process of influencing the future which as some know, is today.

So I sweat and pore, laboring for success to come. I have discovered it always demands a hefty price, which when paid, makes it stick like a hunch-glued to your-back. It never departs, until you are willing to let go, and divorce it. Even then, like a hard done spouse, it pleads and begs, urging you to reconsider. Success never likes to leave, just as it is always loathe to come. Thus a man’s work is always cut out explicitly for him. How to achieve success and find excellence? That journey is always one that mixes sweat with blood.

Often in Naija the journey of excellence starts in the education houses. From creche to nursery to primary to secondary and finally to the tertiary institutions. Our beloved parents wishing us the very best as they send us like doves into the pack of wolves, survival becomes the first goal. After understanding the terrain, the freedom to explore is earned. Creativity becomes a close aide then, and a Naija born succeeds against all odds. Blazing his way through school, with or without flying colours – the important thing is to finish, not how excellently :p.

Sadly, through the ages, this myth has been passed down, and for most, it has been absorbed as gospel. So even in school whilst others flew they rocked, when others ran they stumbled. When their contemporaries stood sitting was their favoured position. So they bumbled through school, understanding only at the time of exit, that glory favours those who fought long and hard. That success befriends those who willingly sacrificed and met its demands. They understand then, but it is a tad too late. So strife and envy become their friends.

As life is a long while however, and regret a fleeting emotion-not to be indulged. Finding success and excellence in the midst of failure and disappointments becomes a huge task: Whose achievement orders life back aright. So all hope is not entirely lost, as smiles again can dwell on faces. If only we set aside our animosity, and rejoice with the successful. Not in strife with their excellence, but understanding that they paid their dues.

As new corps members are deployed across the country to report on tuesday next. Understand this, your grade has little to do with it, excellence will find you if hardwork and dedication your friends have become as you neglect to strife for another’s excellence, dislodging envy from your members; yours ultimately will find you. So go, into the crannies and nooks of the federation, and impact your world as you know you can. We all await.

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