Just Hope

There’s a quality that transcends life
A mystery unsolved it ends strive
An anomaly that heaves sigh
And a doorway to things high

Hope, a flickering light in darkness deep
When sorrows and despair your heart seep
And a smile like the mountains seem
For insurmountable the experiences beam

Still, it thrives on the rocky mountains
In arid plains with nary a drop of rain
It lives on, propelling the faintest of hearts to reach
To the other side and dwell with the rich

Hope, a small seed, it’s often tossed away
Yet finds it way back to the heart always
Inspiring, encouraging and pointing the way
That followed will give you a say

Hope, that little sound that grates on ears
Yet still annoyingly fill the air
The small glint in a lover’s eye
That makes her lost in emotions high

Hope, is, a feeble knee
Strengthened by your will’s knead
Hope is that touching story,
That makes your eyes mist yet not sorry

Hope is a wonderful gift of life
And though most times it makes us sigh
Still the quality to go through challenges
And victors emerge triumphant
That minute, infinitesimal quality hope is
So when the battles and cares arise
Remember, just hope
And life will give you dreams to run away with

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