History Repeats

Experience they say is the best teacher, may I suggest that we might have been had all these while? For instance, how many times have you learnt from past experiences (yours and others) that has helped you navigate out of tricky situations? I dare say, that experience might just be as bad a teacher as most things in life.

Recently my boss at work said to me, ‘the human mind/brain is a wonderful creation that can store up information that even the best supercomputers cannot analyze. Still it is terribly unreliable as it balks on you at crucial moments’; he wasn’t wrong. So is it safe to say then that it is the human memory that has a problem, and not experience, and by extension history? I beg to disagree.

Through time, before I was even conceived of my mother, the sayings ‘like father like son’ and ‘like mother like daughter’ had been in existence and those sayings culminated from observations of men that had been deemed accurate. So the question arises how can a son live his father’s life, or a daughter become her mother? Life unfortunately has the weirdest sense of humor.

So you find a young man who hates the things his father did whilst he was growing suddenly begin to do same things to your utter amazement. A daughter distances herself from the vices of her mother only to stylishly become worse at said vices and the wonderment grows, and life enjoys its circus laughing us and waiting to see if we would eventually wise up to it. We do not.

Globally, events that have shaped the world recur. Wars have always started after the same fashion, success comes in the same order, as life weaves a perfectly ordered symmetry. Repeating history, recycling events and leaving man totally confused and unable to really distinguish.

So a young man/woman starts live and hopes to make a difference. Problem is the difference to be made was made generations ago. As time, space and location also play their part in the sophistication and dexterity of their performance. So man struggles to make meaning of life and to break away from a cycle that’s viciously whirling him into places that he never bargained for.

Man’s quest led him to religion and other media. The answers he seeks clearly answered in the holy book. The mystery of creation, sin and other discombobulating scenarios unraveled in the living words of the bible. Still, like the rebellious children we are, we avoid it like a plaque and our lives spirals more out of control causing us to wonder when we would eventually break free.

As we live our lives, engaged in the same day to day events, hoping for a change, looking for a brighter day. The word holds true still; ‘For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.’ This word has been the constant help man has had in the time of need, for it reveals the law and the will of the almighty.

Yet we live our lives as we would. Daily trying to answer questions that have been answered. Looking for solutions that already exist and going through needless pain. In a world where events recur, history fails and repeats itself, and man is the comedic particle of the elements, wouldn’t you rather stay anchored with the word of God? And experience blissful, glorious and uninhibited life that is being offered you, a dynamic history to set in stone? The choice ultimately lies with you.

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