Ayaf Suffer

‘So where’s the Local Government Area office located?’ I was asking my friend who as a fellow corper reported to the office. Her response wasn’t heartwarming, so I tried another friend in the Local Government Area she offered no help, simply suggested that I ask a mutual friend who stays in the area.

I asked the said friend and she gave me the directions to the place. ‘Get to Idumota, and take a bike/napep to the LGA office beside FSP building.’ Having gotten said description, I was ready for the adventure of discovering the LGA office that is Lagos Island. And confident that as a correct Lagos bobo, I would locate the office in no time.

I got to Idumota, and decided to go transact some ‘business’ in a bank at the juncture. Upon completion of my business in the bank, I ventured out and hailed a bike; gave the location and jumped on. We were soon at the place. I got off the bike and strolled in thinking I had arrived. I noticed then that I may have been had.

With the bike man riding away, and a quick look into the compound revealed no loitering corpers, I knew instinctively then that I was in the wrong place. Armed with my best smile, I asked the men sitting on benches there if I was in the right place. They confirmed my fears, I was in the wrong office. They gave me more directions, assured me it was really close and sent me on my way.

I embarked on the phase two of my journey and that proved to be the fun part. After getting to the place I was directed to I was lost. The LGA office seemed elusive and I was circling the same buildings to no end, I asked directions again. The man I asked this time was real helpful and once he heard the key word ‘corper’, he treated my like the visitor I was to his locale.

Having been born, bred, brought-up and everything in lagos, nysc is opening my eyes to new horizons I had not hitherto explored. I am getting blown away daily with new territories found. I left the man thankful but still unsure that I’ll find the really elusive office, then like NEPA restoring electric power when I was younger, I exulted.

Some meters away from me, a corper dressed, was approaching me. Brimming with happiness I stood in her path. She moved away, and I moved in tandem with her, when she saw it was intentional, she stared angrily at me. I couldn’t be bothered with the look on her face. ‘Please where’s the Local Government office for corpers?’ I asked nicely.

She sighed and calmed appreciably. Forcing a smile, she pointed the building out to me. I felt like kissing her there and then to show my appreciation, but just managed to give her a brief hug before running off in the direction of the building leaving the girl with her thoughts.

When I finally got into the office and saw fellow corps members registering and doing what corpers do, I sighed and squatted. Tired from walking round Idumota and getting lost. After taking a minutes pause, I set out to register and complete the business that had taken me to that office in the first place. What I underwent, is a matter for another day…

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