This Acceptance Thing

“Your Letter don ready oo.” Those were the words my friend sent to me via bbm, and somehow, the sleep I’d been enjoying decided it was time I woke up. The time was past two in the afternoon, on that fateful monday. I jumped up, ran into the bathroom to brush and bathe. Fifteen minutes later, I was getting into my NYSC attire. I was out of the house in less than twenty minutes after reading those words.

Got to the NYSC secretariat and picked up my letter and started the journey back home. It had taken less than forty minutes for me to get the letter and leave the place. I had been posted to a chain food company to observe the remainder of my one-year mandatory service year. I hoped, actually prayed for acceptance. The rejection circus had been hell, but that is a story for another day.

So I got home and continued with my inactivity. Informing friends I had been deployed like a soldier, my placement I had no control over. So I took faith as a buddy and slept nicely, knowing that my days of waking at eight a.m. were probably over.

I made it to the company before eleven a.m. the next day, and all hopes to go in, grab my letter and get out were dashed. My wham bham job didn’t succeed. I was detained in the building for longer than expected.

First I had to wait to be attended to in a way that is reminiscent of all Naija companies. Then being a job seeker I was put through a wringer, the test a year ago would have been chicken feed, that day, it was a major challenge. I had been sleeping and waking with no intellectual exercise, I was practically gasping for breathe under the weight of the test.

Luckily I managed to see it through, passed by the scale of my teeth and got lambasted for my late posting. But in the end, I got what I went there for. Strolling out of the Company’s doors after the close of work, I couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relieve and allow myself a brief smile. Getting here had been a journey, and suddenly, flashbacks played before my eyes…

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