Burden Of Interpretation

Life is a mystery, a series of unknowns that leaves you confused; it’s a quest that makes you none the wiser, an experience that grinds the sage out of you. Life, is an awe that leaves the best of us amazed, still the answers we seek, it keeps from us. Life.

The journey to achievement, the path of enlightenment; the race to success, these are some of life’s quests. They are foisted on us because we had not understood life. So we had to endure it’s pranks and jeers and hope it goes lenient on us and let’s us win some battles. Most times we lose the fight.

Our best laid plans crumble, our strongest convictions we have to revisit; life throws questions at us randomly and we can’t seem to divine answers. Yet they are there, staring us in the eyes, knocking us on the head. Answers to life’s questions practically bump into us daily, we just never seem to realize their importance, so we set them aside and continue living our lives.

No generation has had it better, ours is the generation that’s called the information age. All the answers to questions seem out there. The internet, books, materials, and the likes. This generation is inundated with information that handling, harnessing and channeling them is a major problem. Still that’s what needs be done.

Every generation before us has had to interpret the events of their time and answer the questions life posed. Since the first man (Adam) till Noah’s Ark; to Abraham’s sacrifice and David squaring off with Goliath. Man had always been able to answer those questions with help from the almighty. HE is the one who shows us the true intents and purpose of our life. We just seem to prefer our own way.

Today after several centuries and generations, the world is filled with followers of Jesus. Unfortunately, we all suffer from the same plague, we are entirely clueless as to what the workings of our lives may be. We do not know what the Almighty has prepared for us and are not really interested, even when our hearts cries out for something better, we drown the cries in a pool of pity and music and whatever we fancy. And so we live on.

But man has always, always answered the questions asked of him. And with the almighty beside him, no barrier or obstacle dares stand in his way. Yet this generation, as enlightened as we are, as informed as we ought to be, still suffers from a gross ignorance, that’s keeping us locked away from life – the promises and manifestations.

So now we need to go back, get back and open the books. See what has been written concerning us, discover the answers to the questions of life. Divine the greatness of the almighty and stand in awe and reverence of him. Because only then, can we be strengthened, and enlightened about the life that we live, and thus take a stand and demand rightfully, our inheritance and get it.

But to do that, we need to fight the warfare of interpretation, labor under it’s burden and carry it’s weight. Then, well versed, and with eyes opened up to see what we really had denied ourselves, petitioning for a glorious today and a brighter tomorrow will be a child’s play, because then everything will work in our favor. But first, we need to overcome the burden of interpretation. It’s where most folks gave up and watched as their lives crumbled before their very eyes. For they lazily neglected to interpret.

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2 thoughts on “Burden Of Interpretation

    • Gee, thanks for such a sweet comment, struggled with that write up throughout yday. Thank God for the inspiration to rewrite it differently. Still I was concerned it’ll be too boring.*thumbs up* ya just made me day dearest. :d

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