Dear Diary

The next day I was at the permanent site of the Ogun State University, waiting to be processed and registered into the school’s database as a student of the school. There was a countless number of prospective students also waiting to register, like me.

After mum’s intervention yesterday, uncle Akin had driven me to his friend’s place at Ago-Iwoye, the town where the school is located. I spent the night there and will be staying with prof. Ogunsakin till I got my own place, or mum could just decide to foist me on him, which would not be too surprising.

The prof’s family is a nice one, real friendly and warm. I blended in right away, maybe because of his sons who got me playing Pro Evolution Soccer (PES07) on their PS2. Jaiye and Tomi are students of the school, studying mechanical engineering and law respectively, they were okay guys and I relaxed in their company.

They made me so comfortable, that I was laughing and joking with them all night. Something I had not done in weeks. Dinner by Mrs Ogunsakin was divine nicely made amala with ewedu soup. I enjoyed it immensely. And there is Kemi, the only daughter, who is such a stunner.

I got to the school in the morning, having being dropped off by the prof himself. He gave me my instructions and told me to rendezvous with him at his office after I was through. I made my way through the process like a convict condemned to a state penitentiary, the whole process seemed a surreal experience I kept moving along like a zombie

As I was about leaving the place after registering, and collection of a myriad of documents that would be the basis for my semesters and years in the school, I caught a glimpse of something divine. For the first time since I started the process that day, my heart raced, and I actually was glad I was there.

I had stopped moving and started gawking at this wonderfully created beauty of a girl. She was smiling and joking with friends. I kept staring as her charm had completely paralyzed me, then the unexpected happened…

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