I must blog oo

I have always wanted to own a blog. Write on topics and issues that affect me and my types. I have always wanted to write. Published work that is free and accessible to all! I have always wanted to air my view, albeit satirical or pedantic, didactic or plain random, I have always, always, wanted to blog.

My best friend and partner kept me out of the game. We are so thick mum gave up years ago. Our love story dates back to time immemorial, that’s how far back we go! Recently though, I found that he my best interests doesn’t keep, and that hanging out with him had cost me moments! A great deal of my life gone by without my knowing. So I decided to take a break.

He argued that he watches out for me, like when he made me wait two more minutes at home. Uncertain whether I really should go for that appointment, only to get to the bus stop and witness an accident that occurred a minute earlier.

He reasons that I enjoy playing and hanging out. Just lounging with nary a worry. And when his case’s made I realize, it was not him but me that had been my own enemy. And so I let him go.

My friend’s name is procrastination, I dare add that I also have a bit of tardiness in me. These guys with my help have succeeded in sabotaging me to no end. No more, I’m taking a stand today and starting out in the path of my fears.

Yes, I submit, being a bit over-analytical wastes precious time. Trying to gauge all reactions, trying to weigh all the pros and utterly stifling the cons and landed me here. So no thanks to my dearly beloved friends, that was all me! They just came along for the ride as real friends do.

Having realized my folly I have decided to befriend promptness, give decisiveness another chance and see, if this time she’s be urgent and earnest enough. And give me to kicks to the backside that I really, mostly deserve!

So in general themes of the underdogs getting his way. Upsetting the favorites and making history, I’m putting myself out here and blogging at last! Hoping, that finally, I’ll be able to banish my fears and ride on the wings of inspiration, with my muse as my date! We’ll see.

Therefore, I say welcome to Daireen’s ville, I hope this blog touches and changes lives. And that inadvertently, the blog WILL matter. Stay tuned…


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